Using a Fake Name — Pencil Name — In Online Web content writing and Marketing

If you write online articles to market, then perhaps you need to consider the outcome of your actions. You see, it is my contention that people should use their real name. Especially considering most articles are used as article marketing, and if you do not use your real name and send anyone to a website that sells something, then that is deceptive “shrill” type activity. By using a fake name and purportedly trying to promote a real product, this is complete hypocrisy.

Additionally, if someone uses a fake name, they are Hiding Something, every time. Someone here mentioned that they were protecting themselves online? Interesting, well then that is an everyone that they are hiding. I ask who is protecting the reader from the trickery?

One of the problems on the internet is that people use false identity and post bogus information,fake name generator without taking responsibility. Using a fake name, they assume gives them security to spout off without option. I have a problem with fake “pen” names, and if you are promoting a service or product or even just AdSense Ad website doing this, it is borderline illegal.

Personally, I find it as a criminal act, I am not impressed with the excuses people use. The idea that everyone else does it, is inadequate, because many people do it, and use multiple identities and if you do it, you are in the same boat with liars, cheaters and terrorists. That is what I think. I am not impressed with liars, nor if you’re. If you work with a fake name, then how are you justifying your integrity level to your mirror, please do tell. *the truth.

By kissanime

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